How to Get From Prague to Vienna

How to Get From Prague to Vienna

This post provides several different methods for traveling from Prague to Vienna.

22 June 2020

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This post provides several different methods for traveling from Prague to Vienna.

This post provides several different methods for traveling from Prague to Vienna, including both public transportation and private options. We’ll also include information about the price of each service, how long it will take, and other important details you may want to consider.

- Train

- Car Rental

- Private Car

- Bus Transfer

- Private Tour

= Airplane Biking

Take the Train

This is arguably one of the quickest ways to reach Vienna from Prague, as there are train lines which run directly between the two cities with no interruptions.

Travel times for a train from Prague to Vienna can be as short as 4 hours, which is comparable with taking a plane or using a private car transfer – both much more expensive options.

Trains are also pretty affordable, with prices starting at around €14 per person.

If you want the best deal, you should purchase your tickets as far ahead of time as possible, because last minute fares can reach up to €35 or more!

Tickets can be booked either at the train station or online, with both Czech Railways and Austrian Railways offering services.

Make sure to this resource on the precautions taken. We often get asked what travelers can do with their bags, so here’s some information on luggage storage.

Rent a Car

Whether you already have a car or you need to rent one, this is another excellent way to get from Prague to Vienna.

Although it may seem obvious, a lot of people try to avoid this option due to costs and the need to drive themselves.

Even so, there are some reasons to consider driving there yourself over other available services. For instance, you could take your time and make a few stops along the way, go directly to the sites you want to visit in Vienna or potentially even save some time getting there!

Depending on whether or not you plan to make any stops, chances are you’ll be able to reach Vienna within 4-5 hours on average.

Car rentals can start at just €5 a day, but you’ll also have to factor in the cost of petrol.

Depending on where you fill up and how much it costs, chances are this will add an extra €35-€50 to your total costs, so you can expect to pay at least €40-€60 total to drive straight from Prague to Vienna, not including any additional costs you may need to factor in.

Things to Consider

One of the advantages of driving a car is that you’ll be able to make stops along the way, and there are a lot of great things to see in between these two cities.

It’s difficult to say exactly how much you would spend or how much time it could take when you’re behind the wheel, but the advantage of this is that you can also decide what your trip to Vienna will look like rather than leaving it entirely in the hands of another driver.

Another nice thing about renting a car and driving yourself is that you can avoid traveling with a lot of other passengers.

Although taking the train or bus might be cheaper, travelers concerned about covid 19 might want to consider whether or not these options are as safe as just making the drive to Vienna.

Hire a Private Car

As with renting a car, driving yourself or even taking the train, this option will also get you from Prague to Vienna in around 4 hours, making it one of the quicker forms of transportation on our list.

Of course, in addition to being relatively fast, private transfers are also one of the most expensive choices on our list at an average price of €250 for door-to-door service.

Although it can be more expensive than driving there yourself, it’s worth noting that companies offering private cars usually provide one flat price for up to 2-3 passengers – a little over €80 per passenger.

This is also a rather nice and comfortable way to get from Prague to Vienna, as most private transfer companies use luxury cars and SUVs.

Things to Consider

While you will have a bit of control over where your ride begins and ends, private cars usually won’t allow you to change or add stops at a moment's notice, an option you will have if you decide to drive yourself.

Much like renting a car, this service is probably one of the safest and fastest ways to reach Vienna from Prague, especially if you’re trying to avoid other travelers in response to covid 19.

You may have to pay a premium for this service, but it’s definitely worth it for the additional safety, the speed of travel and the level of comfort you can expect.

Take the Bus

This is one of the first services most people think of when it comes to day trips and travel between major cities, and it’s also one of the most affordable ways to get from Prague to Vienna.

With prices starting at just €13 for a one-way ticket, taking the bus might be the cheapest way to make this trip.

Even if you don’t purchase tickets well ahead of time to save money, chances are you won’t pay more than €20 for the ride.

Bus transfers from Prague to Vienna are available online from a variety of different sources, including Flixbus and Regio Jet.

The only major difference between taking the bus and riding the train is that the bus takes a bit longer (4 ½ - 5 hours) to reach its final destination.

These buses depart from the Florenc bus station which is on the red metro line and just 10 minutes walking distance from Praha hlavni nadrazi, the main train station in Prague.

For more details about the metro system, please read our post about navigating the public transit system in Prague.

Things to Consider

Although the bus is slightly cheaper than the train, it’s not quite as fast, and that inconvenience may not be worth an extra €1-€2 off.

Another issue of concern could be the fact that there are usually a lot of passengers joining you on the bus, and if you’re trying to practice social distancing, this could be a problem.

If you’re looking for a safer, quicker alternative, you may want to consider either driving to Vienna yourself or hiring a private car to take you there.

Take a Private Tour

If you’re only planning to make a day trip to Vienna and you won’t be staying there for a while, private tours are probably one of the easiest ways to visit the city.

There are several companies offering tours from Prague to Vienna which include round-trip transportation, a tour of the city, and sometimes even more.

Best of all, these private tours typically fit the entire trip into one day, taking you to Vienna early in the morning and bringing you back to Prague later at night.

Most of these tours include transportation via bus, and since they’re all organized by one company, the bus will take you straight to the city without any stops, usually saving at least a little bit of time to and from Vienna.

Tickets range from €80 at the low end to well over €100, with the higher priced options typically including at least one or two additional activities, attractions, or even covering the city and other areas over multiple days.

This is one of the best ways for tourists to visit Vienna from Prague, because it’s literally designed for people who want to tour the city. Travel times range from 10-14 hours round trip.

Things to Consider

While some of these tours have somewhat large group sizes, there are at least a few private options which keep tour groups small, which could be an excellent option if you’re trying to observe social distancing procedures.

You should also keep in mind that while a one-way bus from Prague to Vienna can cost as little as €13, this is a round-trip service which also includes a tour, so the cost of €65 is actually quite reasonable.

That said, if you’re not interested in touring Vienna, you may want to consider another method of transportation to save some money and have more control over the time you spend in the city.

Take a Plane

If you’re looking for the quickest and most effective way to reach Vienna from Prague, there are few options better than simply taking a plane.

Although the price of this service can be a bit more expensive at €80 for a one way ticket, it’s also a fairly straightforward way to get where you want to go.

This is also likely to be one of the fastest methods on our list, but if you factor in the time it takes getting to and from the airport, waiting for the plane to dock and everything else, the total travel time can reach about 4 hours – which is comparable to taking the train.

Flights from Prague to Vienna begin departing at around 8 am each day, with one new flight every 3-4 hours. The flight itself typically takes about 1 hour in total.

Things to Consider

While this is a quick and easy way to get from Prague to Vienna, it may not be the safest option given recent concerns over covid 19.

In addition to the contact you’ll be making with other people at the airport, you’ll also be stuck on an airplane in close contact with a lot of other passengers for about an hour on average.

If you’re concerned about practicing social distancing, we recommend choosing another option. Private and rented cars are just as quick, and depending on which one you choose, you might even pay less!

Biking to Vienna

Although it will be much easier to do this if you have your own bicycle, safety gear, and potentially even a tent, you could technically rent a bike in Prague and ride it to Vienna.

There are bike rental services in Prague which allow you to rent out a bicycle for multiple days.

The journey to Vienna will likely take around 5 days via bike, and you can expect to pay about €84 for a 5-day bike rental or €150 for a 10-day rental to ride it back.

Of course, for that much money you could just buy a bike in Prague and avoid the rental fees entirely!

This option is really about the experience more than convenience. If you’re looking for a fast trip from Prague to Vienna, biking definitely isn’t your best bet.

Things to Consider

This isn’t going to be the most affordable option when you consider the amount of money you’ll spend on food, potentially a tent or other accommodations, and of course the bike itself.

This is a fantastic idea for anyone who wants to see this country from another perspective and discover what really separates Prague from Vienna.

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