Prague New Town: Top 5 things to see

Prague New Town: Top 5 things to see

Here are 5 attractions of the New Town of Prague that you really shouldn't miss!

Here are 5 attractions of the New Town of Prague that you shouldn't miss:

Wenceslas Square

Come to the Wenceslas Square and enjoy its fascinating history and architectural diversity. See with your own eyes where the Czechs gathered in mass during the Velvet Revolution, visit the most beautiful museum in the country or relax in the most ancient cinemas, concert halls or popular shops. Take a walk surrounded by the pearls of such architectural styles as Baroque, Neo-renaissance, Art Nouveau or Socialist Realism!

New Town Hall

The administrative center of the New Town until the unification of Prague in 1784, this beautiful Gothic structure witnessed the First Prague Defenestration, one of the bloodiest events in the Czech history. It also hosts a very nice observation deck (cheap and little known) with splendid views over the entire city (available in the spring-summer season).

Charles Square

Measuring 75 000 square meters, the Charles Square (former cattle market) is the biggest square in Prague, in the Czech Republic and for long used to be the biggest in entire Europe. Nowadays, most of its size consists of a huge park where locals come to escape from the busy city life.

Dancing House

The "deconstructivist" Dancing House, or Fred and Ginger, is one of the modern wonders of Prague. It consists of 2 dynamic and static parts representing the famous pair of Hollywood dancers, or, the Czech evolution from the Communist regime to parliamentary democracy after 1989. The last floor hosts a bar with an amazing terrace.

National Theatre

The National Theatre is one of the symbols of the Czech national identity and a masterpiece of the Neo-renaissance architecture. Funded with the donations of the people, the pride of the Czech national revival burnt down in 1891 to be fully reconstructed just 2 years after. If you are into theatre, opera or ballet, there is no better place in Prague to watch a performance.

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