Frequently Asked Questions

What does the “free tour” concept mean?

Free tours are quickly becoming the main way of taking tours in Prague. Free tours have no fixed ticket price. You are “free” to decide yourself how much you liked the tour and how much it was worth for you. The guests come from all possible countries in the world so a free tour can also mean a cool intercultural experience!

Where is the meeting point?

During our tours we explore different areas of Prague and every tour has a different meeting point. Please check the Tours section for more details. Or if you are still not sure how to find the place, drop Michal a message to receive further instructions.

Do the free tours run also in bad weather? What happens if it starts to rain during our tour?

Free tours run in all weather - rain or shy :) In some situation we might wait a little bit longer at the beginning or make an additional stop until the weather gets better.

How much time does a free tour take?

The duration of all the tours is around 2.5-3 hour. There is no strict time limit though and we will take our time whenever needed.

I am coming to Prague with a group of friends. We are 10 people. Can I come to your free tour?

Free tours are best for individuals and small groups of friends/families up to 6 people. If you are a bigger group, it is necessary to book a private tour.

How will I recognize my guide?

The guide will be standing at the meeting point with a green umbrella in hand.

What is the best tour to choose if I want to discover the most famous sights of Prague?

Old Town Facts & Legends and Charles Bridge & Prague Castle are probably the best choice to discover the main sights but the slightly more alternative New Town tour or the very alternative Zizkov tour are also very interesting.

What is the suggested contribution if I like the tour?

If you are satisfied and you feel that the guide deserves to be paid, we recommend 250Kč per person, which is around 9-10 euros. The decision how much you wish to pay is yours, though.

Is it necessary to make a reservation for a free tour?

It is not absolutely obligatory but strongly recommended to guarantee your spot.

What if I come late to a free tour?

Usually, we wait a couple of minutes before we start and then we stay some more minutes around the meeting place, so you still have a chance to find us. Look for a green umbrella.

Are your city tours of Prague available in other languages than English?

Private tours of Prague are available also in French and Polish but the language of free tours is English. It help us keep a more international and intercultural atmosphere during the tour which is part of the experience.

What are the free tours about?

Each tour is designed to show you a different face of Prague. From the most famous areas of Old Town to the very alternative areas visited during our free tour of Prague Zizkov. Feel free to check the DETAILS of the tours before booking and ask any additional questions.

Can I expect to also meet some locals during your free tours?

Yes, you can. All tours also published on where they are very popular amongst expats and Czechs wanting to learn more about the city. Most popular tours amongst locals are the free tour of Prague New Town and the free tour of Prague Zizkov.